Micro-power cells are miniature fusion batteries that come in many shapes and sizes to power many different types of Terran machines.

Some cells have been used to power vehicles such as Vultures and Siege Tanks. All of which utilize a type of Vespene-fusion reaction to provide high levels of energy with zero radiation. Similar to the much larger ones used to power defense turrets, MPCs hold a charge for an extended period of time if not put to its limits. Some have lasted to a maximum of 10 to 15 standard years.

Some military grade MPCs are capable of yielding the explosive force of a small bomb if overloaded or damaged (Terminator: Fuel cell). In most cases, these cells have been used in construction of Spider mines to save on explosive material and parts.


  • Increases lifespan of Subunits by +30 seconds
  • Increases explosive power of Spider mines by +100 explosive splash damage

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