It's Bashin' Time!

The Mohawk is a Terran cyborg specializing in close quarters combat.

Developed from modified SCVs, these serve as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive and advanced weapons certain fringe world militia cannot afford. Similar to the Protoss, Mohawks are often created by terrans too injured to fight in regular powered armor. Unlike Protoss exoskeletons, these mechs do not have inbuilt ranged weapons.

The main arsenal of the Mohawk consists of two high powered pneumatic fists. These cybernetic limbs were originally tools made for smashing through tons of rock in mining operations. In combat, they are very effective in hurtling small to medium sized opponents through several feet of Neosteel plating (XCOM - Enemy Within: MEC). To offset its weakness to ranged attacks, the exoskeleton is often equipped with heavy armor scavenged from broken military vehicles. This extra plating allows users protection almost as good as Zerg eggs (DreamWorks Pictures: Real Steel).

Though rare, it has been recorded that a Mohawk can knockout an Ultralisk within minutes if not overwhelmed by smaller strains.

Special abilities:

  • Haymaker - unit punches target with a 0.0000000001% chance of dealing a TKO


  • Scrap armor - increases unit resistance to ranged attacks by +300%
  • Barbed wire - increases damage to light biological units by +500

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