The Mole is a Terran drill tank.

Used during the colonization of the Koprulu Sector, this heavy construction vehicle helped lay the foundation to many of the old cities. Able to be operated by a minimum of two pilots and one engineer, the mole can function for at least two days straight without needing repairs.

During the Guild Wars, some of the more poorer colonies used them as tanks by welding whatever weapons they could find. Because its armor was made to resist extreme pressures and heat, the mole could take punishment from most small to medium caliber arms. When military forces began using more powerful anti-tank weapons, the armor was quickly rendered useless. Eventually, the mole was phased out by the more efficient and cost effective SCVs.

Special abilities:

  • Tunnel - creates a 200 HP opening that allows ground forces of any faction to move across the map
  • Deploy Mining charge - releases a device that deals 80 explosive splash damage
  • Heat shielding (upgrade) - mole gains +100 HPs and +3 armor
  • Autocannon (upgrade) - mole gains a 6 damage ground attack

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