Didn't see that coming.

The Monitor is a heavy command ship.

It soars into battle as a force of nature unleashing the combined might of both High and Dark Templar technology. One flaw of their counterparts is the lack of any integrated weapons. As such, Interceptors form the bulk of attack and confusion mission. Seeing the value of miniature fighter drones, Monitors construct variants of Interceptors for even greater damage.

One variant, designated as Strikers, strafe enemy forces with pulse cannons and high speed maneuvers. What makes them different from their counterparts is their third pulse cannon (Babylon 5: Nial class fighter; Star Wars: TIE/D Defender). This additional cannon allows the fighter greater firepower and maneuverability.

The second variant, designated as an Envoy, is a combination of Hardlight and holographic technology. When deployed, it appears as an energy construct of the Monitor using half the fighter complement. The Envoy's main purpose is to act as proxy to its creator. This allows the Monitor to remain distant from combat while still capable of constructing and controlling fighters at much farther distances. The Envoy also provides more processing power to the A.I.s of the fighters assigned to it. If the construct is destroyed, the fighters return to the Monitor that built them for repairs. In practice, the use of proxies have increased longevity of the capital ships by several hours.

While all this makes the Monitor's arsenal very impressive, enemy anti-aircraft weapons could still pick them off before a full stock of Interceptors can be complete. Knowing this, research began to create counter-measures for this potentially fatal flaw. Using Hardened Shields reverse engineered from Immortal schematics, Monitors can resist most forms of heavy bombardment. This allows them to enter enemy bases with little fear of being shot down by stationary defenses. The only flaw in using these modified shields is that they are useless against lighter weapons such as Glaive Worms and laser blasts. This forces Monitors to rely on regular plasma shielding against enemy fighters. Despite these set backs, Monitors are invaluable in taking leading air forces into all types of combat zones.

Special abilities:

  • Hardened Shields (passive) - all incoming damage is reduced to 10. After shields are depleted, the Monitor takes damage directly to its hit points.
  • Build Striker (autocast) - constructs up to 8 Strikers (each dealing 15 damage). The drones gain +50 damage while linked to Envoy and can still exist if host Monitor is destroyed
  • Build Envoy (autocast) - construct up to 2 Envoys. These drones can command up to 4 Strikers while host Monitor can build more

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