The Moray is an experimental strain developed for ambush tactics.

Within the Zerg's genetic memory is practically every known natural weapon ever evolved by biological organism. Among these evolutions include scythe-like claws, teeth, bullet-resistant carapaces, corrosive/explosive toxins, and fast spawning organisms (Alien: Xenomorph). All of except one: ELECTRICITY!!! After examining all of the Zerg strains they have seen, no one has ever seen any of them utilize electricity. The Protoss have long ago stopped using electricity in favor of Khaydrain based technology, but they did use it during their development of technology. The Terrans make great use of electricity on powering nearly everything. In little known cases, a Terran can even use electricity as a natural defense. How it was done is a mystery to even the most gifted Ghost.

Born through the splicing of Defilers, Lurkers and other assimilated species, Morays utilize electricity for both attack and defense against enemies. By conducting the electricity along their carapaces, they form a natural shield that functions similar to a Protoss plasma shield. In order to attack, Morays burrow underground and attack with armor piercing spines like Lurkers. After impaling armor, Morays give victims an electrical surge of several thousands of volts. Biological units that survive are temporarily stunned, making them tempting targets for other units.

Though powerful, some of these strains have been captured for study by Dominion forces and mercenaries hired by shadow corporations. Some have even used captured Morays as "natural" power sources to avoid being traced by unwanted factions (Young Justice: G-Sprite).

Special Abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - can tunnel underground to attack and hide from enemies
  • Electrify (passive) - attack stuns nearby biological units

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