The Mothership Core is a pre-fabricated version of the Mothership.

Created via a Nexus, the core provides numerous support powers until the base gains enough resources to finish completion of its construction. Its base abilities include a energy weapon capable of driving off most low level assailants and teleportation technology to summon allies for backup.

Special abilities:

  • Photon Overcharge - unit gains an energy weapon for a limited time
  • Mass Recall - summons friendly target units in an area to Mothership Core's location
  • Transform Mothership Core to Mothership - converts unit into Mothership at the cost of supply

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Time Warp - creates a temporal field that slows down units within
  • Plasma Fortification - increases plasma shields of friendly units by 700%
  • Hardlight Façade - creates a false structure that enemy units must attack


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