Mutation Cortexes are Zerg structures used to enhance Creep and base defenses.

Composed of mutated cells from Cerebrates, these structures add a degree of intellegence to creep. By sending down neural impulses, they command to formation of mutagens and other substances in various areas covered in creep. Some can cause the formation of Toxic pores, Creep blisters, and more to augment base defenses.

For planetary invasions, Mutation Cortexes spawn Virophages to help spread evolutionary viruses across vast distances. On average, complete global infestation can occur in 2-3 standard days barring resistance from enemy forces.

Unlike creep colonies, destruction of the structure does not immediately cause the mutations to disappear. This makes repulsing invasions especially difficult for enemies trying to regain a foothold.

Special abilities:

  • Create Creep Blister - forms a creep blister anywhere on creep
  • Create Toxic Pore - forms a toxic pore anywhere on creep
  • Create Virophage - forms a virophage
  • Create Dreg nest - forms a Dreg nest
  • Create Synaptic nodule - forms a Synaptic nodule

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