Nanotech strips are a type of Protoss medical device in and outside combat zones.

Basically they are a bunch of preprogrammed nanobots suspended in a thin film for rapid dispersal along the skin. Careful programing must be done by technicians before application or the strips risk becoming hazardous to the user. In most cases, the Nanotech strips are for medical emergencies such as stabilizing patients when teleportation is unavailable. Practically any Protoss going out to battle or exploring deep space carries at least a med pack full of these devices (Predator: Medi-Kit).

In recent times, new programming patches have been applied to enhance the natural physiology of users (Injustice: 5-U-93-R). Other patches were used to fix neurological disorders brought on through constant use of psionics to sense out lost allies or nearby enemies. Though many prideful tribes have rejected the use of such technology, more practical ones acknowledge the necessity after the loss of Aiur.


  • All biological units gain +150% health and +30% damage
  • All biological units gain +60% resistance to chemical and biological attacks

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