The Nathrate is a large armored ambush predator, native to the planet Grus.

The Nathrate hunts by sneaking close to its intended victim, then in a temporary burst of speed, it charges it's victim and grabs it with its tongue, attempting to devour its victim whole.


The Nathrates possess glands in their stomach capable of secreting a paralysis inducing "preservative" chemical that neutralizes their stomach acids for a short time. Coupling this with their ability to regurgitate food, the Nathrate ensures the survival of the next generation of its progeny by laying their eggs in or near the partially digested and preserved carcass of a recently consumed victim.

The newly hatched are very small, and may survive on the single carcass for about a month. Prior to this, the Eggs are carried on the backs of both parents in green sacks on the outer shells. Although these sacks appear to be flimsy, they can withstand quite a bit of punishment when it comes to blunt force due to the adhesion properties of the viscous gelatin they are composed of.


The Nathrate's DNA composes the core genus of the Viralisk, however, due to the failed invasion of the planet by the Succubus Brood, the Nathrate species as a whole survived.

Nathrates mate for life and care for their young until they develop the strong tongues and armor of the adults.

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