Nehume was a Protoss Dark Templar, or Nerazim. Notable for his penetrating and decisive nature, as a Dark Templar, he was one the few who developed a keen disrespect for the Khalai, disenchanted how their patent ignorance and pride had instigated internecine civil wars even when the Zerg were on the threshold of Aiur, enabling the aliens to overrun the Protoss homeworld while the Protoss were still embroiled in strife amongst one another. He also became animated with an incisive fury with how the Protoss leadership had been manipulated by Infested Kerrigan, so easily deceived by one of the Protoss race's most hated despots.

Largely unable to contain his dissent and disrespect for the Khalai, once the Khalai Refugees colonized Shakuras, he was frequently at ends with them, assigning the massive collapse of the Protoss Empire to the weak willed and contentious Khalai, who he maintained no confidence in for the continued leadership of the Protoss. Though he fought in several minor skirmishes against the Zerg, the Dark Templar did little to oppose the massive Zerg incursion into Protoss space, with what few battles the Nerazim waged largely rear guard actions to cover the continual Protoss retreat — this further compounded his frustration at the ineptness of the Protoss to counter Zerg aggression and preserve what little remained of Protoss society.

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