Neporeral is a genetic stabilizer created before the first Koprulu War.

During the time when Psycho Lung was a common affliction in mine workers, Torzod Medical developed Neporeral to slow down the degradation of DNA in brain, muscle and every other type of cell. After three years of use, Neporeral drastically dropped the death rate in mine workers during the early stages of the disease. The serum was also effective in mitigating some of the newer cancers affecting space vessel engineers who handled cheap (defective) warp engines.

When not used in treating disease, it is used to inhibit mutation of some of the most resilient of microbes for scientific study. Often found in nearly every medical center, Neporeral is a staple in the treatment of most known cell damaging diseases.

After the approval of Project Trojan, Neporeral found new use in the process of developing clones. The more recent drug classified as Proraxrem was found to be too effective in aging the clones. New clones would become age 20 by 2 days and 40 by 4. If the clones did not stop aging so fast, they would die before seeing any use on the battle field. To fix this, scientists found Neporeral halted the accelerated aging process to the point where clone began aging like normal Terrans. When applied to normal terrans, scientists found no effect whatsoever on the natural aging process despite continued funding in that field.

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