A Neutron Lash is a type of Protoss energy weapon predating psionic blades.

In its inactive state the weapon appears to be a simple metal rod. Once ignited, the Neutron Lash emits a barely contained band of energized ions in a semi-stable electromagnetic field (Star Wars: Lightwhip; Ratchet & Clank: Plasma Whip). Anything that disturbs the field is immediately burned and severed at the atomic level. This makes the lash useful in pushing back or slaughtering multiple light infantry. However, heavily armored attackers will only receive minor scratches.

Due to the lethality of Neutron Lashes, they are mainly used by masters for ceremonial purposes (Deadliest Warrior: Rajput Aara). Even with plasma shielding, master users must always avoid coiling themselves up. When psionically charged, Neutron Lashes are effective deterrents against energy beings with primative intelligence.


  • Effective at close to mid-range attacks
  • Effective against multiple light armored targets
  • Effective in wearing down plasma shielding


  • Ineffective at long ranges
  • Ineffective against heavily armored vehicles
  • Power cells drain faster when used against plasma shields
  • Can damage user if not shielded