The Neutron gun is a Vaul automated planetary defense structure.

Neutron guns are modeled after Xel'Naga Turrets found on worldships. Similar to Terran Drakken pulse cannons, They attack targets with rapid fire pulses of highly energized particles at ranges estimated in several thousand lightyears. With focused fire, Neutron guns can take down light fighters to heavy capital ships in seconds (Stargate - Atlantis: Dorandan firing unit). Enemy ground forces equally fall prey to a constant barrage of fire from the guns. If sufficiently powered, a few well placed guns can defend a solar system for several millennia without maintenance under siege (Halo - Cryptum: Human-Forerunner War)

Interface technology is also used by Neutron guns. By combining with a ground unit, the structure switches to Manual control increasing its offensive options (Transformers - War for Cybertron: Ion Displacer). One of these benefits is an increase in firing range comparable to a Yamato cannon. Depending on the programming of the Interfaced unit, Neutron guns can hit critical sections of enemy targets.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - detects cloaked and burrowed units
  • Manual (Interface) - structure combines with a friendly ground unit gaining +30% increased range and firing rate. Neutron gun also gains bonus damage of the unit interfaced

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