The Nimbus-class cruiser is an experimental starship developed three years after the Brood Wars.

A Nimbus is designed to house a fusion reactor meant for larger ships compensating for an arsenal comparable to a Battlecruiser (Mass Effect 3: Asari Cruiser Cybaen). With over 20 Laser batteries, this ship is able to hold its own against multiple enemy fighters. For more heavily armored targets, the cruiser switches to using a large rail gun to launch Tungsten slugs at hypersonic speeds. At these speeds the tungsten slugs penetrate or wear down most forms of energy shielding instantly (Halo: Magnetic Accelerator Cannon). Due to not being nuclear fission material, it is much easier for paramilitary forces to purchase large amounts of ammunition without government red tape. A fully stocked Nimbus normally holds thousands of tungsten slugs when not challenging medium to large vessels.

Adding to its tactical capabilities, the Nimbus is equipped to launch Smart Bombs which separate into clusters to provide precision carpet bombing (Stargate - Atlantis: Horizon). This greatly reduces the likelihood of friendly fire and collateral damage.

Due to being smaller in size, resource requirements and construction time are less. This allows starports to build fleets of Nimbus cruisers in months rather than years. Unfortunately, older military commanders prefer the both the psychological factor and firepower of standard Battlecruisers which shifted funds away from full construction of Nimbuses.

The few that have been constructed are regulated to patrolling the fringe worlds. After two years of service, the Nimbus class is the mainstay of most paramilitary groups capable of fielding space forces.

Special abilities:

  • Tungsten Slugs - ship fires two tungsten slugs each dealing 200 damage. Can be upgraded to fire 3 tungsten slugs with enhanced heat sink technology
  • Smart Bomb - launches a salvo of 10 missiles that only target enemy forces dealing 40 explosive splash damage

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