The Nimrod is a type of warbot developed by both Servo Servants and Rel-X Inc.

Basically humanoid in shape, it is designed to handle various types of infantry weapons and serve as cheap cannon fodder for most Terran military and paramilitary forces (Mass Effect: LOKI Mech; Binary Domain: Assault Shooter). For more exotic/alien technology, the Nimrod can transform its arms to fit nearly any type of mechanical weapon (Transformers - Aligned: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron). Easy to manufacture and maintain, it is not uncommon to see most military and mercenary groups use Nimrod drones in security roles or rush tactics.

Despite the robot's questionable quality, sending a Nimrod through a possible mine field or Zerg ambush is generally preferable to sending living troops by most military forces. Some mercenary groups with engineers customize the robots with their own tech after fixing "unintended" bugs. These variants can be used in nearly any type of combat, mining, or recon missions. A Nimrod auto-destructs its power cells should it become too damaged or if users chooses.

Special abilities:

  • Auto-destruct (autocast) - nimrod detonates itself dealing 100 explosive splash damage to all nearby units and structures
  • Weapons Refit - unit attack depends on weapon chosen
    • Pistol (default) - deals 5 damage to ground targets
    • Gauss rifle - deals 6 damage to air and ground targets
    • Grenade launcher - deals 10 (+15 vs light) damage to ground targets
    • RPG - deals 50 (+25 vs heavy) damage to air and ground targets
    • Stun baton - deals 10 melee damage and stuns biological ground targets

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