Nullhounds are psionic constructs deployed by Titans.

In researching Protoss Archons, the Vaul attempted to emulate the formation of entities composed entirely of psionic energy. Some of their "successes" resulted in the unstable Glitches used for general harassment applications. Others yielded more promising discoveries in more offensive and defensive roles such as the Nullhounds.

Made of anti-matter held together by a thin shell of psionic energy, Nullhounds cause normal matter to explode on contact (Shadow Raiders: Beast Drones). Channeling the anti-matter and psionic energy is a triangular generator in its center. Appearing as a three-headed dog based off Terran historical data, Nullhound can outmatch any known Zerg strain in brute strength and ferocity. They can also burrow like the Zerg lying in wait to attack anything nearby.

While deactivated, the generators can be stored within Titans until called upon. Once fully upgraded, the triangular generators can seperate into three parts. This effectively creates three Nullhound fragments, each with one head, to increase their combat options (Naruto: Giant Multi-Headed Dog). Unfortunately, this also reduces their lifespans as their energy drains faster in order to maintain all three fragments.

Special abilities:

  • Detector
  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit can burrow and become invisible except in the presence of enemy detectors. Unit can not attack nor use any abilities while burrowed
  • Fragment - unit splits into three smaller parts, each with 1/3 of the original units stats

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