The Observer is a small, stealthy robotic Protoss reconnaissance unit.


The Observer is a small aerospace drone used to survey space and record events for analysis in the Protoss archives. The complex sensor array is power intensive but may detect cloaked and concealed objects.

Observers may be equipped for warp space travel and deployed for deep-space exploration. Units used for this purpose often lack defensive systems. They may re-enter real space within planetary atmospheres and transmit data in real-time over interstellar distances. In addition Observers may drop navigational beacons as homing devices.

The sensitive sensor system, sophisticated enough to even detect Zerg spores within Terrans, makes the Observer a valuable auxiliary on the battlefield. Units intended for combat zones are equipped with a defensive micro-cloaking field. The sensor signature of the drone reduces the field's power requirement and allows the cloak to be maintained for extended periods with little drain to its power core.

For more information see Observer on the parent site.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - can detect cloaked and burrowed enemies
  • Permanent Cloaking (passive) - this unit is permanently cloaked. It cannot be seen or directly attacked by enemy forces, unless supported by detectors

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Maximum scan - generates a large pulse outward to twice the range of the unit's regular sight revealing everything hidden and not. Units hit with the pulse temporarily lose 25% of their speed (Babylon 5: Sharlin class warcruiser; Star Trek - Voyager: Virtuoso)
  • Targeting beacon - deploys a device that allows Carriers to purify an area dealing 500 damage

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