Ocular mods are used for upgrading ocular implants with a variety of auxiliary functions.

Most are too expensive for regular civilian use and are usually reserved for military forces. However, some paramilitary and mercenary groups have been able to acquire some through legal and illegal means.

Lists of Mod TypesEdit


Omni-vision mods combine passive X-ray and Thermo graphic scanning to penetrate low-density objects such as walls and clothing while also detecting anything with infrared radiation (Metroid: Visors; DC Comics/Warner Bros. Pictures: The Dark Knight; Deus Ex - Human Revolution: Smart Vision). Generally used by security forces, this combination has the added effect of giving users a rudimentary type of Night vision. Their effectiveness decreases depending on the amount of shielding of whatever is being looked at and high background temperatures.

The only ones who do not use Night vision mods are Ghosts with Psionic sight as it would be both redundant and a waste of resources.

Hypernet HUDEdit

Hypernet HUDs are more commonly used by civilian populations as it gives many a quick and easy way to access electronic media. Some are custom made with mini-cameras, date planners, and even games that can be downloaded at the users leisure (Futurama: eyePhone).

Some black market versions have been known to hack into databases in a similar way to technopaths, maybe even better depending on the hacker's skill.

Psi MeterEdit

Psi Meters are exclusively used by Wranglers and psychic handlers in Ghost Programs to rate the level of psionic activity within an area (Dragonball Z: Scouter). Often used in tandem with psi screens, psi meters have several fail-safes to prevent the circuits from being overwhelmed by exceptionally high psi levels.


Developed by the Umojan Protectorate, these mods are for covert operations and thus illegal for civilian use. The main purpose of micro-charges is to prevent users from being interrogated, mind read, and/or infested (Mass Effect 2: Mordin Solus on Cerberus protocol). Known triggering devices include:

  • Subdermal implants
  • Molar detonators
  • Eyelid motion detectors (Star Trek - TNG: Devil's Due)

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