The Onyx is the annexed version of the Protoss Colossus.

As one of the Protoss' original war machines, the power of the Colossus could not be ignored. The slaughter of the Kalathi proved that centuries ago. Researching Protoss Archives for information, the Vaul began developing a warmachine with equal capablities. Finding pieces of Colossi that the Kalathi managed to damage, the Vaul modified their superstructures into being instuments of even greater distruction. Still retaining the Colossus' basic look and climbing ability, the only visual difference of the Onyx is its Dark Templar color scheme.

Thermal lances are known to scorch through swarms of enemy infantry units within seconds and are best used in early engagements. However, these weapons quickly become less effective when more heavily armored enemy forces mobilize. To mitigate this weakeness, the Onyx can recalibrate its lances to fire concentrated streams of gamma radiation. Anything hit by the lances are ionized to the point of decaying at the atomic and subatomic level. Very effective in penetrating heavy armor, a gamma lance instantly transforms enemy vehicle pilots into brittle shells of dust before reaching firing range (Star Trek - Nemesis: Thalaron radiation). Even neosteel bunkers cannot shield against the intense levels of radiation for long as any alloy is decayed to practically usless forms (Marvel Studios/Lionsgate Entertainment: Ultimate Avengers 2). Used strategically, the Onyx can form obstructions of ash statues and wreckage at choke points to block enemy reinforcements allowing it to retreat or advance on enemy positions.

During simulations, the Onyx proved difficult to repair midbattle. Its main defenses were insufficient in prolonged combat. To mitigate this flaw, it was refitted with an experimental repair system. When activated, the war machine transforms into a compact position before covering itself in a rock-like shell (Marvel: Iceman). Similar to a zerg egg, the shell provides an extra layer of protection while the Onyx psionically repairs itself (Warcraft III: Gargoyle; Mass Effect 2: Geth Colossus;). In this form it cannot move or attack, but is low enough not to be attacked by anti-air weapons. On command, the Onyx can exit out of the shell at the risk of lauching shards outward. As such, most friendly forces tend to give the war machines distance to avoid being hit.

Like its predecessor, an Onyx can make huge impacts in any battle.

Special Abilities:

  • Geo Form - covers unit in a rock-like shell with 10 armor that repairs damage a 8 HP per second. Unit cannot move, attack, or use plasma shields while in this form. Unit can exit out of shell at anytime, but must wait 30 seconds before using again
  • Cliff walk (passive) - unit can climb up platforms and across large gaps
  • Treated as ground and air unit unless in Geo Form

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Targeting mode - Toggle an Onyx's weapon mode to targeting laser beams. These beams make their targets recieve 50% more damage from any attacks. An Onyx can target 3 units at a time using this field support mode.

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