Operators are among the most advanced artificial intelligences developed by the Xel'Naga

During the age of exploration, Operators served in administrating, maintaining and preserving Xel'Naga cities. Their roles were equivalent to Terran Adjutants and Zerg Cerebrates. After receiving signals of their creator's destruction, the Operators redirected all resources to continuing the Xel'Naga's cycle of rebirth and the elimination of any form of opposition.

On the top of the Vaul hierarchy, Operators answered to no one but the Xel'Naga or their reborn forms. Now with their creators gone, they have complete control of all Vaul forces. After several reformats, they no longer resemble the A.I. the Xel'Naga created, but have formed a collective intelligence that rivals the Overmind. As a combination of software and psionic energy, Operators exist in many different forms depending on whatever type of technology they inhabit. In administration situations, they appear as random holographic shapes or mobile platforms optimized for data processing (Mass Effect: Info Drone; Halo: Monitor).

For more direct confrontations, they possess the superstructures of their units or a customized battle platform resembling an Archon (Star Trek: Borg Queen; Green Lantern - TAS: Aya). Each of these platforms are equipped with both cutting and bleeding edge technology from all known races for any contingency.

Operators are also capable of performing Psionic abilities based off Protoss and Xel'Naga data. When forced into direct combat, they create artificial anomalies called ZERO-POINTS. Generating tremendous gravitic distortions, Zero-Points tear apart anything caught within them (Star Trek - Enterprise: Delphic Expanse sphere). The distortions have the added effect of warping back anything fired within them (Halo - First Strike: Forerunner Crystal). This forces anyone inside to not attack or risk shooting themselves allowing Mavericks to slaughter or retreat from groups of enemy forces. The only downside to using Zero-points is their tendency to reflect outside damage as well.

Like the Zerg, Operators can resurrect or delete the A.I.s of any of their forces deemed useful to the Vaul Collective. Only Centurions have equal authority in the command hierarchy due to their higher levels of combat experience.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - can reveal hidden units
  • POSSESSION - take command of a friendly unit or structure. Possessed units become 10X stronger in HPs, Plasma shields, and attack. Possessed structures produce Honor Guard level units at the same cost as regular ones
  • ZERO-POINT - inflicts 50 damage to air and ground units in target area. Affected units receive +10 additional damage if they attack within field. No outside attacks can affect anything trapped inside
  • SYSTEM REBOOT - restores damaged or destroyed friendly units and structures in an area to full health. Friendly units and structures can not move, attack, construct, and/or research while rebooting

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