Naer'Dorei Scriptural texts uses the term Outer Darkness to refer to a realm of eternal confinement for the wicked. After death, the spirits of those who chose evil works rather than good in mortality will be cast out into Outer Darkness. This is considered to be a condition of great torment, where there will be "weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth". In this sense, Outer Darkness, Yaru, Alur, and Airu are the four possible destinations for individuals after the judgement of the dead. This place of torment in the spirit world is much more commonly referred to as Nolaum.

Outer darkness usually refers to an eternal state of punishment. Very few who have lived will be consigned to this state, but Naer'Dorei scripture states that Apep will be present, along with his demon followers who fell before the creation of the universe. Other mortals who during their lifetime become sons of perdition — those who commit the unpardonable sin — will be consigned to Outer Darkness. It is taught that the unpardonable sin is committed by those who "Deny the light's truth after the ancients have revealed it." However, the vast majority of residents of Nolaum will be Apep and his demons... the third part of the hosts of Airu who in the pre-mortal existence followed Apep and never received a mortal body. The residents of Outer Darkness are the only children of Ra that will not receive one of three realms of glory at the Last Judgment. Sons of Apep will remain in Outer Darkness and suffer for eternity with Apep when the Last Judgement occurs.

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