The P1500 is a hybrized version of the P1000, Needle gun, and Flak pistol. One of the most advanced sidearms developed by the Terran Dominion, it is commonly utilized by Wranglers for its great power and reliability against most known threats in the Koprulu Sector.

What makes the P1500 especially favorable for Wranglers is its ability to use multiple types of ammunition such as depleted Uranium, explosive rounds, and tranquilizer darts. This is done with two types of loading chambers. One located in the handle for small caliber ammo and the other located on the side of the barrel for larger high caliber rounds (Unreal Tournament: Enforcer).


  • Can use small and large caliber ammuntion
  • Can be dual wielded
  • Can be equipped with tranquilizer darts
  • Can be adjusted from single to semi-automatic fire
  • Effective at short to medium range


  • Effectiveness decreases against heavily armored opponents
  • Effectiveness decreases as range increase
  • High rate of fire can decrease ammo capacity quickly

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