The Paragon is a Xel'Naga construct used in aerospace combat.

Similar to the ones used to guard temples, these constructs are made for high speed and maneuverability. Their appearance partly inspired the armor used by some Protoss namely the torso with a psionic ring at the back (XCOM 2: Archon). Paragons use wings of hardlight and psionic energy to move, defend and attack (Diablo: Angel). Nothing short of Xel'Naga energy shields can resist the power of these wings as they can tear through multiple dimensions at different frequencies at the subatomic level.

The true threat comes from their use of null orbs. Each orb is composed of energy capable of negating virtually all forms of attacks. Null orbs can morph into various shapes to suit a specific job (Naruto: Truth-Seeking Ball). Though the range is limited to a few lightyears, they are among the most effective weapons ever created by the Xel'Naga. It is estimated that a squadron of thousands would be needed to take down a single Paragon unless the constructs are shut down manually.

Special abilities:

  • Null Orb (autocast) - unit is immune to special weapons while producing orbs. Each orb costs 15 minerals to make (max: 8)

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