Patriots are advanced robots constructed by Fusion cannons to defense against enemy assaults.

This is the most basic and versatile of the three defense mechs. Roughly the size of an A.R.E.S. class warbot, these mechs basically appear as giant CMC Powered Combat Suits combined with Warhounds. The only visual differences are the two heavy shoulder shields (Gundam SEED Destiny: ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom). Usually armed with a laser pulse cannon, these variants mow down enemy clusters as easily as a squad of marines. If standard weapons are not enough, Patriots can be refit with any number of modifications to fit any situation.

In their transformed state, Patriots appear as larger versions of Auto-turrets, but are capable of attacking both ground and air forces (Transformers G1: Galvatron). If the need arises, they can tap into their power cores to charge up a Yamato Gun for the toughest of targets.

Special abilities:

  • Assault Mode - can attack both ground and air targets with normal damage
    • Weapons Refit: swaps weapons for different types of enemies
    • Pulse laser (default) - deals 25 damage to all types
    • Railgun - deals 20 (+20 vs armor)
    • Autocannon - deals 20 (+20 vs light)
  • Defense Mode - transforms into stationary defense that attacks both ground and air targets with +30 damage
    • Yamato Cannon - deals +300 to target