Patriots are advanced robots constructed by Fusion cannons to defense against enemy assaults.

Roughly inbetween the size of Viking mechs and A.R.E.S. class warbots, these robots basically appear as giant CMC Powered Combat Suits combined with Warhounds. The only visual differences are the two heavy shoulder shields (Gundam SEED Destiny: ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom). Transformation technology allows these robots to transform into stationary defenses to provide extra firepower wherever it is needed (Transformers G1: Galvatron).

Patriots come in three variants depending on whatever they are armed with:

The first of the three variants is the Gun Patriot. This variant is the most basic and versatile of the three. Armed with a single gatling gun, these variants mow down enemy clusters as easily as a squad of marines. When transformed, they appear as larger versions of Auto-turrets, but are capable of attacking both ground and air forces.

The second variant of the series is the Flame Patriot. This variant is more specialized against lightly armored ground forces. Equipped with a double-barreled flamethrower, Flame Patriots can project a stream of fire 100 m long, burning everything in their path. When transformed, they appear as larger versions of Perdition turrets. Because of their low range, Flame Patriots are incapable of attacking airborn targets. To compensate, they deal high damage to light to medium armored infantry which makes them ideal against zerg swarming tactics.

The third varinat in the series is the Rocket Patriot. This version is specialized against more heavily armored forces and anti-air roles. Armed with four RPG batteries, two on the should and two on each arm, these robots appear as a cross between a Maurader and a Viking. RPGs are fired in volleys similar to a Valkyries H.A.L.O system. Heavily armored tanks and fighters are easily rendered to scrap in seconds after a few barrages. When transformed, Rocket Patriots appear as Missile Turrets with extra batteries. In this form, they can tear appart squadrons and swarms of fighters or take down a frigate within a few seconds. The only weakness of this form is that it cannot attack ground forces, making them just as vulnerable as normal missile turrets.

Any Proton Cannon can construct any number of these robots. Which ones are built mainly depends on what is believe is to be the most effective in defending against enemy sieges.

Special abilities:

  • Weapons Refit - three types of Patriots can be constructed. Each has strengths and weaknesses depending on what type. Once type is chosen, it cannot be changed:
  • Gun Patriot (default): balanced
    • Assault Mode - can attack both ground and air targets with normal damage
    • Defense Mode - transforms into stationary defense that attacks both ground and air targets with +15 damage
  • Flame Patriot: light/ground specialist
    • Assault Mode - attacks ground units with concussive damage
    • Defense Mode - transforms into stationary defense that attacks ground targets with +25 damage vs light armor
  • Rocket Patriot: heavy/air specialist
    • Assault Mode - attacks ground forces with explosive damage
    • Defense Mode - transforms into stationary defense that attacks air targets with +25 damage vs heavy armor

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