The Phantasm was a Protoss automated stealth support ship predating Arbiters and Motherships.

Used during the Aeon of Strife, the Phantasm was used to hide cities from warring tribes. Most users were civilians who did not want to fight. Squadrons of 20 or more Phantasms were capable of cloaking an entire planet (Star Trek - TNG: Aldea; Stargate - Atlantis: Battle of Atlantis).

Once a relative peace came through the teachings of Khala, Phantasms were sealed away much like the Colossi as they held no more purpose.

In more recent times, the worker caste unsealed these vessels to bolster the weakened defenses of their colony and research worlds. Upgraded with holographic technology, Phantasms can make an armada appear around a planet to sow massive confusion into any invasion force. This stalling tactic is very effective in buying time for the real armada to rally its strength to fight off the invaders.

Special abilities:

  • Cloaking Field (passive) - renders all nearby allied units and structures invisible to non-detector enemy forces. Does not prevent damage from special weapons/abilities like Psionic Storm
  • Planetary Cloak (autocast) - links up with 20 other Phantasms to hide an entire planet. Cloak cannot be penetrated by detectors
  • Hallucination - produces mass copies of illusions to distract enemy forces. Number of hallucinations depends on the type of friendly unit being copied. It can spawn 20 of every type of unit. There is no limit to life for the copies while working in tandem with 2 or more Phantasms

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