Photon-knuckles are a type of Hardlight generating weapon developed by the Vaul for close quarters combat.

The knuckles appear as a curved, triangular-shaped weapons while inactive (Stargate SG-1: Tollan sidearm). Once activated, they project a solid hexagonal barrier of photons (Ratchet & Clank - Secret Agent Clank: Holo-Knuckles; DC Comics: Power Ring; Mass Effect: Kinetic Barrier).

When used offensively, the knuckles can increase the force of impacts by 400%. Even unarmored Terrans can used the knuckles to knockout or even kill a rampaging Ultralisk with proper training.

In defensive roles, Photon-knuckles impervious to small and large caliber rounds alike. Nothing short of a kamikaze fighter can shatter the hexagonal barrier. Even after being overloaded, the knuckles can re-establish the field within seconds as long as there is energy in its power cell.


  • Medium to High damage in melee
  • Can block most types of melee attacks
  • Can resist impacts from most infantry weapons
  • Can be dual wielded with small to medium arms
  • Fast to recharge


  • Not effective at ranged attacks
  • Can shatter after being hit by too many heavy weapons
  • Can be dual wielded with longer arms

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