The Photon rifle is a direct energy weapon used by the Vaul.

Basically a stripped down version of a Stalker particle disruptor, the weapon fires energy pulses vaporizing anything they come in contact with. Made of ultralight materials and advanced heating systems, it is comparable to a C-14 rifle in terms of firing rate, versatility, and portability. The ultralight materials have an extra benefit of allowing the rifle to be dual wielded by normal infantry units with or without powered armor.

At normal settings, Photon rifles are capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire. This is manly effective in damaging light to medium armored targets. More heavily armored or shielded ones require more time to be worn down. The weapons also have a secondary setting that extends the barrel and a scope into a sniper rifle form (Star Trek - Enterprise: MACO particle rifle). On this setting, the overall range and energy output is increased at the cost of firing rate. Very effective against medium to heavy armor, photon rifles in sniper mode can punch meter wide holes through Protoss exoskeletons and heavy vehicles. However, advanced heat sink modules are necessary for extending the weapon's firing capacity in larger engagements.


  • Normal setting:
    • Medium damage, range, and firing rate
    • Can be dual wielded
    • Can wear down Plasma Shields
    • Equally effective against low to heavy armor
  • Secondary setting:
    • High damage and longer range
    • Adds scope for increased accuracy
    • Bonus damage to heavy armor


  • Normal setting:
    • Dual wielding makes maneuvering difficult
    • Low melee damage
  • Secondary setting:
    • Increases cooldown
    • Cannot dual wield

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