"Other Dealers guarantee absolute victory. I guarantee absolute slaughter."

The Piper, aka Mr. Piper or Agent Piper, is a mysterious individual known to terrans as one of the most powerful arms dealer/information broker in existance.

Dating back to the Guild Wars, few people actually know if the Piper is really just one person or multiple people under the same alias (Mass Effect: Shadow Broker). Some say the Piper sold technology and intel to both sides. Others say that the Piper sold Apocalypse-class nuclear missiles during the Rebellion of Korhal. No one knows for sure, all anyone does know is that breaking a deal with the Piper will always be costly.

Recently, the Piper has been making appearances randomly through battlefields on hybridized holoboard drop pods selling highly advanced technology, some of which alien in origin (Ratchet & Clank - All 4 One: Apogee Communication Pod). Often seen as a vague figure in a suit, the pods despence products via teleportation field or electronic data after receiving payment in credits, minerals, Vespene gas, or any type of alien research (Star Trek - Enterprise: Humanoid Figure). If whatever someone wants exists the Piper will have it, get it, or have information on it then sell it for a "modest" price.

All sales are final, and there is only one rule: ALWAYS PAY THE PIPER.

Special abilities:

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