The Plasma rod is a Vaul infantry weapon.

It is primarily used for both ranged and melee attacks. At long distances, the rod fires bolts of energized plasma at distances comparable to most standard gause rifles (Stargate: Ma'Tok and Ori staff weapon). Each bolt has enough stopping power to burn through light armor with ease. Though difficult for most species to wield, vaul units with enhanced targeting systems compensate with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Used in tandem with other plasma rods, a firing squad can reduce a heavily shielded bunker to molten slag (Darksiders: Angelic Lance).

Roughly 3 meters long, the weapon can be used as a staff to cause blunt force damage. It is very effective against lightly armored opponents, but losses some force when used on heavier armor and plasma shielding. As such, users try to take down such enemies at range with plasma bolts. When not in use, the rod can retract into a more compact form for ease of transport or used as a side arm in emergencies (Andromeda: Force lance).

For ranged attacks, the plasma rod can be modified to fire a continuous beam suitable for wearing down plasma shields and large crowds (Green Lantern: Power Baton). The beam can even cut through or weld together several meters of metal plating as a makeshift tool. All of this makes the plasma rod one of the most versatile weapons in the Vaul arsenal.


  • Moderate damage in both melee and ranged attacks
  • Can be modified for different purposes
  • Very effective when working in tandem with other plasma rods


  • Melee damage is reduced against heavy armored vehicles and plasma shielding
  • Difficult to aim accurately at long ranges