"Listen well, we are... not a Zergs. The dark ones purges and altered them years ago. But thanks to you... for saving Sarah Kerrigan from the dark one's corruption and the Zergs were freed by returning back into their true forms; the Primal Zergs."
—Zurvan explains Samuel Nakaoka in PR: Evolution of the Primal

The Primal Zerg are the purebred of Zergs from the planet Zerus. They are very domesticated creatures and their populations were extremely huge. The Primal Zerg were the Zerg's original race and calm-minded creatures who destroys the first swarm long ago. Surprisingly to Terran and Protoss, Artanis comments Samuel Nakaoka that Primal Zergs harvesting the machines or other living beings to create an new type of Primal Zergs.

Main HistoryEdit

Primal Zerg Past HistoryEdit

"Zerus, the beautiful planet, Zerus was once the lifeless planet. 10 years later, the meteorite crash into the lifeless planet and fall into the deserted land. There, the green pool called the First Spawning Pool, creating the first Zerg."
—Zurvan explain the Zerg's pasts

100 years ago, the strange meteorite crashes to the deserted planet before the green pool splashes out the meteorite, creating the Spawning Pool.

Altered Zergs HistoryEdit

"Primal Zergs are highly domesticated and calm-minded creatures... until the fallen Xel'naga alters them. The Primal Zergs will fight against their corrupted Zergs and they destroys the first Swarm recently. The altered Zergs were soon formed the new Swarm, but they were find out that Zergs' genome was unstable, causing them to evolve into viciously states."
—Sikarni explains to Samuel Nakaoka and Eureka about their goals

Present HistoryEdit

Journey to TerransEdit

Protoss' TruthEdit

Unite and Fight AmonEdit

Amon's FallsEdit

Zerus' EvolutionEdit

The Peaceful Lives after Samuel Nakaoka used Timeline ReversionEdit

The Primal Zergs, however, were still unchanged due to the immune to timeline reversing energy except for it's altered counterpart race who were changed back into original personality.

Alternate HistoryEdit

The Origin of Primal ZergsEdit

Nagisa's Quest of HopeEdit



The Primal Zerg bear the genome of it's race. Primal Zerg bear more resemblance to reptiles, and in some regards, mammals as well insect-like appearance like their altered form.

Unlike the altered states, they were completely domesticated state.


Primal Zerg are individuals. The Primal Zerg are immune to psionic measures that would otherwise kills it's corrupted counterparts Zergs.

List of the Primal ZergsEdit

Main TimelineEdit

Alternate TimelineEdit

Types of Primal ZergsEdit


  • For more information see Primal zerg on the Parent site.

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