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A Prison Warden is the chief corrections officials for Terran prisons.

Tasked with supervising prison operations, they often direct orders through a heavily fortified command center. In the event of riots, Wardens lockdown everything and deploy squads of guards and warbots to quell hostile prisoners. If this is not enough, multiple floor and wall traps to slow rioters down until reinforcements arrive.

As a matter of protocol, Wardens greet new prisoners to inform them where they are and how things work (i.e. who is in charge). Prisioners generally respond with sarcasm, silence and the occasional attempt at assault (Batman - Arkham: Quincy Sharp). Which is why they wear their own custom powered armor to prevent being used as hostages. Some of them equip their armor with wrist mounted controls to activate defenses at a whim. More ruthless Wardens just bring detonators to explosive/poison-filled collars along with Stun Batons.

Special abilities:

  • Calldown Prison Guard - summons a squad of 8 fully upgraded Marines
  • Deploy Scorpion - summons 4 Scorpion mechs
  • Stun Baton - deals 10 melee damage and stuns biological ground targets
  • Activate/Deactivate Traps - turns on/off wall and floor traps in an area (only works in prisons and facilities)
  • Lockdown Area - closes all doors in an area (only in prisons and facilities)

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