A Proton cannon is a Vaul heavy direct energy weapon mainly for anti-armor use.

It fires charged proton bolts with comparible stopping power to an anti-tank rocket. The interval between shots is fairly moderate making the weapon excellent against most armored forces. With the use of advanced power cells, a proton cannon can last considerably long in combat as long as it does not overheat.

A Proton cannon can be mounted on defensive walls or vehicles. When linked up to a generator, the weapon can fire nearly continuously. This makes them perfect for protecting bases from mechanized assault. Unfortunately, the cannons will have difficulty against swarming tactics unless modified with special equipment.

Such modules turn the cannon into a powerful mortar that can lay waste to armored structures or clusters of enemy targets (Gears of War: Mortar). However, this comes at a cost of increased aiming time. Another modification allows the cannons to fire three smaller proton bolts charged with psionic energy. Once fired, the bolts home in on the closest of enemy targets (Halo - Reach: Plasma Launcher). Effective in destroying or scattering enemy formations, this modification tends to drain energy fast forcing users to take time for the weapon to recharge.


  • High damage to armored targets
  • Moderate rate of fire
  • Can have unlimited ammunition while mounted on stand or vehicle
  • Can be modified to fire mortar or multiple bolts


  • Rate of fire insufficient against large groups of smaller targets
  • Constant fire causes overheating
  • Recharge time can be long if using multi-shot module

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