Psi-jammer are psi-screens combined with Spider mine technology.

With the advancement of psionic-based technologies, newer versions of psi-screens have become more compact in size. This allows users to carry smaller versions of spider mines without the need for a vehicle. Once activated, the jammer emits a dampening field 100m radius that disrupts the energies of anything within, whether it be biological or mechanical. Useful for neutralizing psychics, these devices have become popular among many wranglers and researchers in psionics.

The only flaw in the devices is its power consumption. Due to the need for constant frequency changes to prevent psychics from adapting to it (Stargate SG1: Prior disruptor). Even with advanced power cells, the longest time the device can function is roughly 2-5 minutes. So users often save jammers until they need them.

Special abilities:

  • Jamming field - prevents psionic users from casting spells

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