Psi rounds are specialized muntions manufactured with an experimental psycho-reactive alloy composed of depleted uranium and micro scrapings of salvaged Kydarin crystals. Made to work in conjunction with the new Trickshot rifle, these bullets can be mentally controlled to move in any direction at supersonic to sublight speeds. When fully charged with psionic energy, these round can also exceed the firepower of Siege tank ordnance (Marvel: Gambit).

Because all major Terran governments strictly control any salvaged alien technology, Manufacturers cannot create Kydarin crystals in mass quantities. Only a select few companies have contracts to researching alien tech, as such Psi rounds are one of the rarest and most expensive types of ammuntion in the "Terran" arsenal.

Due to the fact that a fully charged round being capable of taking down Ultralisks, some debate that a single magazine can be worth twice the price of manufacturing them.


  • The name was taken from Starcraft II concepts: Psi Round

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