NOTE:These are the Xel'Nagas for my Eureka Seven/StarCraft fanfiction. They might show the Xel'Naga in StarCraft 2, but I thought of what the Xel'Nagas would look like and stuff and I wanted to keep with my unique vision, besides, this happens in a different universe from both StarCraft and Eureka Seven...

Bio Edit

They live on the planet of Xel'Naa, but sometimes whole populations stay in massive starcrafts called "Worldships". They were the makers of most species of the omniverse, or a huge universe that houses all the universes.

Their are two different types of Xel'Nagas, the Light Xel'Nagas and the Dark Xel'Nagas. The Light Xel'Nagas wish to create life that benefits nature, while Dark Xel'Nagas create life that causes destruction and chaos. For that reason, they stayed on different sides of the planet, to stay away from each other.

Physical Description & Biology Edit

They both look like snake-humanoids, they have a serpent body with a humanoid chest, with four scrawny arms with five clawed fingers. They also both have heads with long heads, two eyes, and a hidden mouth, which comes out through the use of a small DNA control.

The Light Xel'Nagas are orange when male, and green if female. They also have doweful black eyes.

The Dark Xel'Naga are blackish-grey when male, and purple if female. The have yellow snake-like eyes instead of doweful eyes.

They have two brains instead of one, one brain, located in the stomach region, controls their body. Their second brain, located in the head, is the intelligence, if that brain is taken, they become compelete imbiceles.

They are capable of great psychokinetic powers, able to talk to each other telepathically, like their creation, the Protoss, but are able to attack those with their minds.

They are capable of healing greatly, able to regrow limbs, but the only thing that would halt this permanetly is Xelnite, a special metal that's radiation halts a Xel'Naga's healing in the area it was hit.

History Edit


Notable Xel'Naga Edit

To Be Written...

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