Pulse Disruptors are stripped down versions of Protoss energy weapons reverse engineered from Immortals and Stalkers.

In combat, they can lay down heavy firepower to quickly mow down enemy infantry with hundreds of high energy bolts. Each bolt is capable of burning a 5-8 inch hole through light and medium armor. More heavily armored and shielded targets will eventually be worn down by constant bombardment and heat build up. Pulse disruptors can even charge up a burst of energy to take down small to medium vehicles and airborne targets (Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marine: Plasma Cannon). The only drawback is that charged attacks require longer to cooldown from after use.

These weapons can be mounted on both vehicles and special stands. Once mounted, the disruptors tap into the power cores of whatever they are linked with. This gives them virutally limitless ammunition as long as whatever they are attached to remains functioning. If removed, pulse disruptors default to a backup power cell to provide a more limited ammo capacity (Halo: Plasma Cannon). While unmounted, they are prone to overheating and must vent out the excess or risk permanent damage and misfires.

Various modules can be attached to pulse disruptors to enhance combat performance. One of which is an advanced heat sink to prevent heat build up allowing for longer firing (Mass Effect 2: Thermal clips). Another can provide a direct energy shield in front of the weapon increasing protection from frontal attacks. A miniature fusion generator can also be equipped to increase damage and negate ammor limits when unmounted (Stargate: X-699).


  • Average damage per hit
  • High rate of fire
  • Good for fire support and wearing down energy shields
  • Can be upgraded with different modules for different effects
  • Can charge attack to take down small to medium vehicles and ships
  • Limitless ammunition while mounted on vehicles or stands


  • Accuracy decreases with distance
  • Weight can limit movement
  • Can quickly overheat, especially after using charged shots
  • Can only use one module at a time

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