Shivitiri Queens are significantly larger and stronger than the soldiers, approximately 4.5 meters tall. Their body structure differs also, having a large cranial carapace, modified stinging ovipositor, large mandables, and stronger, better devoloped grasping appendages. The Queen's head is larger than other adult Shivitiri, and is protected by a large crest above their heads. Unlike other Shivitiri, the Queen also has the ability to manipulate the anatomical and metabolical processes within her own body and within her brood. The Queen also seems to have augmented intelligence compared to the other lifecycle stages. The Queen may use its ovipositor to inject eggs into a host, in which the Shivitiri larva will mature parasitically, although this is not the conventional means of reproduction. A Queen may just as easily choose to lay its eggs simply on the ground, where contact with atmospheric gas will trigger a chemical hardening of the egg's surface, forming a tough shell. Conventionally hatched young will develop slower due to their lack of parasitic food supply.

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