Quo'ryha (Enlightenment Ritual), is a Protoss rite of passage marking the caste they are best suited for.

Completion of the trials acknowledges a transition from one stage of their lives to the next and possibly guide them on their chosen paths (Star Trek: Rite of Ascension; Star Wars: Jedi Trials). Separated into three trials, Quo'ryha tests a Protoss' in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Each trial is taxing, but every adult Protoss 300 years old and above eventually passes.


Trial of Power (Body)Edit

First step of Quo'ryha and the most primal, the Trial of Power tests an initiate's strength and endurance under the most extreme situations. This is often done on hostile worlds ranging from desert, jungle, volcanic, frozen, and even ones where stars have long since gone out.

Most Protoss simply need to get to certain goals within a certain time limit for this trial. While getting to these goals, various hazards will meet them while unarmed.

Trial of Skill (Mind)Edit

In earlier times, Protoss preformed this trial in a hunt for lower lifeforms with varying sentience (20th Century Fox: Alien vs. Predator). While hunting, each participant's individual skills would eventually express themselves naturally in the forms of combat, knowledge, and leadership. This practice fell into disuse after the Kalathi war and the enforcement of Dae'Uhl in favor of gladiatorial combat, scientific expertise, and psionic mastery.

Recently, the Templar caste has reinstated the hunt with the Zerg as their primary prey. Much like the Terrans, the more ferocious and difficult the strain the more prestige they gain from other tribes (Mass Effect 2: Grunt: Rite of Passage).

Trial of Will (Spirit)Edit

Perhaps the most difficult of the trials to complete is the Trial of Spirit.

In this stage, a Protoss must enter a special sanctuary where psionic energy flows at its peak. Here the initiate must overcome any and all negative emotions or be destroyed by them after being made real the psionic energy (New Line Cinema: A Nightmare on Elm Street; Shadow Raiders: Ascension).


After passing the trials, Protoss use the experiences they gained to chose the path they wish to follow in life. Depending on the results, Examiners can help the individuals into high ranking positions faster than normal (Naruto: Chunin Exams).


  • The names of the trials where inspired by:
  • Legend of Zelda - Triforce
  • Fable - Heroes

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