Quoranite (Qo) is an element found in the Koprulu Sector and used by all species for multiple purposes.

Its properties are similar to high grade titanium and silicon. Little is known about how the Xel'Naga, Protoss, and Zerg discovered it. For the Terrans, it was first discovered in minute amounts in the asteroid belt. Later it was used in constructing some of the earliest terran interstellar space crafts.

Due to its properties, most terran settlers had difficulties refining the substance without breaking equipment. It was not until the advent of improved laser technology and new catalytic processes did mass production of Quoranite come into full effect with the terrans.


In its purest state, the element is a white-grey metallic mineral roughly 20 times harder than diamond.

Quoranite can be alloyed with thousands of substances to be 100-1000 times stronger and lighter than any titanium-steel alloys in existence (Stargate: Trinium). Some alloys have super-conductive properties making them ideal for powerful electronic circuitry.

One of the most common elements in the Koprulu Sector, Quoranite on average composes 19-32% of all known Mineral nodes found on planets and asteroids.


  • Terrans use it in the place of iron in their NeoSteel alloys and silicon in electronic devices
  • Zerg stains use it the molecular structure of their strongest carapaces, claws, armor piercing spines, and even some biological neural networks found in Creep
  • Xel'Naga, Protoss, and Vaul forces use it in the molecular structure of their Khaydrain Crystals technology for gathering, storing, and channeling cosmic/psionic energies (Star Trek: Dilithium)

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