Quorellia is a desert planet deep within Terran space.

Also known as The Gas Giant of the Koprulu Sector, it is the largest known source of Vespene Gas ever discovered. Because of this, it has been a site of mainly battles during the Guild Wars. At the end of the war, the Confederacy, Kel-Morian Combine, and Umojan Protectorate agreed to "share" the planet in the sector designated as "Triad's End".

Post-Guild Wars Quorellia has no permanent settlement on its surface, but there are a number of space platforms in orbit housing hundreds of thousands of would be miners hoping to get rich off an "unclaimed" geyser. However, large corporations that have already gained contracts with the three Terran factions make it impossible for such things to happen.

The planet has also been host to the annual Vespene Grand Prix, where teams from the Combine, Protectorate, and the newly renamed Dominion compete for millions in credits and gas by the barrel.

It should also be noted that some scientists believe Quorellia was once a final resting place for ancient space dwelling life forms that have long been extinct for billions of years. Thus attributing to the high energy yield of Vespene Gas needed for Hyperspace travel. Such theories were never explored due to lack of funding by any of the existing governments.


  • 2 Terraformed moons for military and civilian habitation
  • 20 Large space platforms for habitation and defense
  • 50 Habitation stations
  • 30 Refueling stations


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