The Radialisk is a new Zerg Spellcaster Strain created by the Queen Of Blades by mutating an Infestor by putting some radioactive minerals in it. It still has no primary attack, but it had aqquired much more energy than the normal Infestor and also has different abilities from its original strain. The Radialisk's first ability is to launch a Radioactive Crystal to the target area. The crystal deals critical damage to all units and structuresin the area of effect by emitting dangerous radiation waves, which deals little damage to air units above it. The Crystal lasts a while. The seccond ability is to launch subterranean crystal thorns to constrict enemy units in the area of effect. The thorns deal little damage comparing to the original Infestor's Fungal growth ability, but combined with the Radioactive crystal, Radialisks bring deaths with no escape to enemy forces. The third ability is to emit a strange radioactive wave that boosts the speed of Zerg mutations for 75%in the area. unfortunately, this ability can't be used with normal Zerg eggs because the eggs are too fragile againts radiation.

Since the attack of Raynor's Raiders in the Zerg base on planet Char, The Radialisk never has a chance to appear in the battlefield because of the swarm's loss of the Queen of Blades, but maybe the Swarm can continue on the production and researches on this dangerous strain.Radialisk copy

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