Rangers are the primary infantry of the fringe world militia group known as COLD.

Charged with handling high risk operations regular forces cannot handle, Rangers use some of the most advance equipment available without causing Dominion Intelligence to confiscate it. Part of their arsenal includes modified Medic power suits. This is due to its greater protection and optic flare technology for non-lethal, crowd control purposes.

Their main armament consists of B-20 rifles, P1500 Flak pistols, and Combat Shields. Rangers perfer B-20 rifles over C-14s due to the underslung shotgun being more ideal for breaching and close quarter engagements. Combat shields are also used whenever greater protection is required.

All Rangers receive basic training along side other mercenary groups and veterans of the first Great War. This prepares most of them to handle nearly any kind of situation ranging from pirate raids to minor alien incursions. For larger invasions, a Ranger garrison will hold out until heavy fire support and backup troops arrive.

Special abilities:

  • Flash Grenade - fires a flare to blind units in an area
  • Shotgun (passive) - deals 45 splash damage to units at range 1
  • Combat Shield (upgrade) - unit gains +10 HPs

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