The Ravager is an airborne variant of the Hydralisk strain developed by the Vaul. Of all the known strains of Zerg species, the Hydralisk is one of the most verisitile infantry units. While most of their ground units are limited to claws and kamikaze attacks, the Hydralisk are the only ones sent to meet airborn treats head-on. On top of this, Hydralisks can morph themselves into a more deadiler strain that specializes in heavy stealth assauts. Because of these qualities, the Vaul decided to further improve on this specific strain for combat purposes.

By splicing them with Mutalisk genetic material, the Vaul felt they could maximize the destructive potential of the new strain of warrior. These new aerial assualt unit transverses air and space as easily as any other type of airborne strain via two sets of Mutalisk-like wings. Like the strain they were made from, Ravagers expel ultra hard spines capable of piercing through several inches of Neosteel alloys. Unlike the Hydralisks, these units fire spines from the tips of each wing (Beast Machines: Jetstorm). Not only does this double the Ravager's attack strength, but it frees other parts of the unit to preform functions a Hydralisk never could. Where the Hydralisk would grow spikes in the chest area, the Ravager would begin developing explosive fluids. Once researched, the Ravager can infuse their spines with highly volatile venom that catches fire when exposed to outside forces (Marvel: Spyke). When hit by a flaming spine, enemy units tend to continuously lose health until they are destroyed. Like the Zerg Devourer, successive attacks cause even greater effects on enemy units.

Stealth was one of the greatest advantages of the Lurker strain. But how could this aspect be incorporated into a flying biological unit. Most stealth air units could cloak, but the zerg could only burrow. After many simulations, a solution was finally discovered. By altering the Ravager's "sweat" glands, the unit could produce a substance that could act as a type of camouflage against any atmophere (The Invisible Man (2000): Quicksilver gland). Even advanced detectors could not find a fully camouflaged Ravager at point blank range. The only drawback to this upgrade is that the unit must be stationary in order to remain camouflge. If the unit moves too much, the substance would eventually drip off and leave them exposed to the enemy (Warcraft 3: Night Elves Hide ability). Despite this, Ravagers can still take on anything on the ground or in the sky.

Special abilities:

  • Camouflage (passive) - unit is invisible to units and detectors while stationary. If unit move or attacks, it no longer remains invisible
  • Incendiary Spines (upgrade) - unit fires incendiary spines at enemy units and buildings. Affected units and buildings continuously recieve damage after attack (2 HPs per sec). Successive attacks cause greater damage (max. 8 spines)

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