The Raven is a Terran air unit specializing in deploying smaller devices providing support for a multitude of purposes.

Controlled by both a pilot and an A.I., the unit acts as both surveillance drone and combat engineer most of the time. Due to its robustness and versatility, the Raven has slowly been phasing out Science vessels as newer alien threats began growing along the Fringe Worlds.

Its most used constructs are Auto-Turrets to provide protection in areas with minimal risk to personnel. The turrets can be further augmented with more advanced power cells, armor plating, and specialized ammunition. These are generally costly, but with the right combination can hold high-priority assets until more powerful forces arrive.

To provide further protection, the Raven deploys Point Defense Drones to intercept enemy fire. With advanced targeting, the drones blast enemy missiles with lasers before they land a hit on buildings or near by allies. Through effective against most conventional weapons, Point Defense Drones are still limited in what they can stop. Weapons such as Yamato Cannons are powerful enough to overwhelm the drone to the point of being vaporized.

If forced into combat, a Raven deploys Seeker Missiles that track down enemy targets and blow them away with almost 10 times the force of a regular missile used by combat fighters. The main flaws of the Seeker missiles are its limited fuel and programing.

Some engineers have customized their Ravens with unique equipment to serve different missions. This includes different types of turrets, mining robots, explosives, and cybercast to name a few.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - reveals cloaked and burrowed enemies
  • Auto-Turret - deploys an Auto-Turret
  • Seeker Missile - deploys a Seeker Missile
  • Point Defense Drone - deploys a Point Defense Drone

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Seismic charge - deploys a Seismic Charge that deals +200 damage to all near by burrowed units and structures
  • Perdition Turret - deploys a Perdition Turret
  • MULE - deploys MULE
  • Predator - deploys Predator cybercat
  • Recovery Station - deploys a Recovery Charge that heals friendly ground forces


  • For more information see Raven on the parent site

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