Razorback are experimental Terran APCs acting as mobile bunkers for small squads infantrymen.

Developed years prior to the Second Great War, these vehicles utilize reactive armor plating to maximize protection from projectile, explosive, and energy-based weaponry. Roughly 75% more sturdy than regular bunkers, Razorbacks transverse most known hazardous environments and battle fields with minimum effort.

Not as mobile as Medivac dropships, Razorbacks are mostly used in situations where air support is virtually impossible. Some such situations include traveling through narrow caverns or riding through thick jungle areas. Up to 16 passengers, including driver, in CMC armor can be loaded into one of these APCs. Thanks to small windows around the exterior, passengers can attack enemies whether or not the vehicle is moving.

For personal defense, Razorbacks can be equipped with different types of turrets. Aside from the default autocannon, the vehicles can also utilize a sonic turret to repel small to medium air attackers such as Zerg Scourges and Mutalisks (Gears of War: Armadillo).

Special abilities:

  • Load/Unload - up to 16 Marines (half that for Firebats, Marauders, and Ghosts) can enter the Razorback. Loaded units cannot use their abilities while inside
  • Reactive armor (passive) - unit takes 25% less damage from attacks. Does not work on special weaponry such as the 250mm Cannons from Thors

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