"You'll want to have that looked at. My friend died of it."
—Trojan Wiggam-299 (The Simpsons)

Red Dot Syndrome is an affliction that affects not only Terrans, but the Protoss and Zerg as well. There are two known types of the "disease". Both of types have similar symptoms at the beginning, and ultimately result in the death of those afflicted.



  • a red dot appears, usually in the head region
  • victim's head explodes, usually behind the area the red dot first appeared
  • victim dies


  • hightened alert/panic for people in the area


  • the most common in urban sectors
  • the time interval between the first and second symptom is random



  • a red dot appears in the head region or general vicinity of roughly 2-3 yards
  • victim is hit by an intense amount of nuclear energy
  • victim is vaporized
  • victim is effectively dead


  • high levels of radiation and destruction in the area
  • all flora and fauna in the area dies eventually


  • the most feared version of the two types as people near the victim also perish
  • most common in battlefields and areas said not to exist
  • time interval is fairly constant at 10-20 seconds


Though the affliction is sometimes random when it comes to the Protoss and Zerg, Terran victims seem to have a fairly common trend:


  • Politicians and anyone near them (common)
  • Military forces and anyone near them (most common)
  • Black Ops forces (rare, no offical records)


  • Politicians (rare)
  • Military forces (most common)
  • Black Ops forces (rare, no offical records)

Know CarriersEdit

Treatment & CureEdit

Though not entirely effective, one treatment of Type-I is to cease all actions and to quit one's current career. In most cases this does not halt the affliction once symptoms appear. For most cases the only cure for the disease is to find the carrier/source of the red dot and execute them. To do this, a large amount of detection technology is required to find the carrier. The more advance detector the better as Red Dot Syndrome "mutates" as cloaking technology advances.

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