Red ichor is an artificial variant of Terrazine.

Black and crimson red in color, its origin is unknown. Protoss legend states it is made from failed Xel'Naga experiments dissolved into liquid essence (Prometheus: Black liquid). Though impossible to prove, the Judicator caste has forbidden its use and ordered all existing supplies be destroyed. Nearly every Tribe has complied with these orders including the Dark Templar. The only ones who have not are said to be of a rogue faction worshiping a false shadow.

What is known about the substance is its unusual healing abilities (Stargate SG-1: Tretonin). If applied to any mortally wounded being, Red ichor could literally bring them back from the dead. The only downside is that constant use causes neural degeneration to the point of insanity (DC Comics: Lazarus Pit; Marvel - Agents of S.H.I.E.D: GH-325). Even the Zerg have yet to evolve a way to keep from becoming too feral to control after exposure. As such they prefer their regular form of reincarnation.

The rogue faction of Protoss have tried to reproduce Red ichor with limited success. Their variants do give an increase in healing and psionic power; however, users still experienced loss of sanity and eventually burned themselves out (Transformers - Prime: Synthetic Energon). To mitigate this problem, specially programmed Nanotech strips stabilize their user's mental processes for a limited time.


  • Revives biological unit from destruction at 80% Health
  • Revived spellcasters have 300% energy but slowly loses it unless also upgraded with Nanotech strips

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