The Reliquary is a building designed to hold ancient records and artifacts for the use of research to better the technology and social structure of the Protoss race as a whole.


The Reliquary requires a Robotics Bay to be constructed in order to utilize its robotic archival data retrieval system, and Templar Archives must be constructed in order to understand the ancient languages contained within. A fully constructed Reliquary's records and artifacts enable the production of Purifiers at the Gateway, Integrators at the Stargate, and Luminaries at the Robotics Facility.

The Reliquary is filled with ancient records containing knowledge of the Xel'Naga that can be studied and put to use for the Protoss. One such valuable record details the use of Arc Technology, which can be immediately used to construct Integrators, or researched further to provide Dragoons with an exoskeletal upgrade, making them Siege Dragoons. Knowledge can also be obtained of the forbidden reaches of Void mastery, enabling Protoss to undergo Purifier training, and the upgrading of the speed of their Hoverboards. Also, the knowledge of the Xel'Naga's mastery of energy containment is uploaded to the Robotics Facility, allowing the construction of Luminaries, which may be upgraded to produce psionic negativity fields.

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