You ain't afraid of no ghost?... You will be.

Renegade Souls is a Terran mercenary organization. Formally part of the Confederacy and its successor the Dominion, these elite Ghosts were some of the most independent. Even with advanced neural implants and resocialization techniques, these ghosts could barely be controlled. To reduce the chances of them turning against their handlers, they were implanted with multiple micro-explosives and sent on virtually all high priority suicide missions behind enemy lines.

Before Mengsk's "overhaul" of the Ghost Program, these highly trained psychics were off on a retrieval mission on the edge of Protoss space. There one of the ghosts, a technopath, was temporarily enhanced by exposure to a Pylon. Using this opportunity, the ghost managed to disable all of the group's implants. With the explosives disabled, the team medic telekinetically removed them as quickly as possible (though it still hurt like hell).

Now they are "guns" for hire. Enhanced with Protoss technology, they are capable of using Psionic Storms like the Queen of Blades after her time on the Amerigo. They are willing to take on any black ops mission if the price is right. Half off if its against the Dominion.

Price 40,000 Credits (20,000 vs. Dominion Missions)
Squad size 2 Elites Ghosts
Squads per Mission 2
Cooldown 5 min.
Resource Cost 300 Minerals 300 Vespene Gas
  • +25% HPs, +20% Damage, +100 Energy
  • Ghosts can also use Psionic Storm


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