The Renewer evolves from the Anomalisk and acts as an aerial support flyer.

Overview Edit

The Renewer attacks air units and aerial structures, including units lifted by the Phoenix's Anti-Gravity ability, by spitting acid spores at its target. These spores splash to nearby aerial enemies and slowly damage them as the spores eat away at their armor.

The Renewer weilds a number of abilities against it's enemies, including a "Scour" ability that targets corrupted and infested units. Instead of destroying them, however, it "cleanses" them, destroying the corruption of enemy Zerg. A cleansed unit is restored to it's original state.

The Renewer is capable of cleansing any infected unit, though the enemy's HP determines the amount of time required for the unit to be brought out from under enemy Zerg control.

If the Renewer cleanses a corrupt transport, such as a Medivac Dropship, the perished units inside are not restored.

The Renewer can manipulate enemy Zerg DNA to transform a weakened flyer into a Neophyte. Neophytes can only attack air units and will do so automatically if an air unit flies by. Neophytes are connected to the Renewer that created them through a psychic link, and utilize this connection to channel psionic energies to nourish their "parent". The loss of each Neophyte is keenly felt, causing a psychic feedback to the Renewer that created it.

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